The internship contract from the school must be in Spanish (The Spanish Law only accepts stagiers with Spanish “convenio de practicas”).

The “convenio de practicas” must always include:

• Original paper from the school.

• Original signature from the internship coordinator or teacher.

• Original signature from the student.

• Original stamp from the school.

The student must send the documents shown on your personal page including the school contract by post as a form of portfolio to the hotel/camping.

The student must also bring a portfolio from all these documents with him when he arrives.

The student needs to upload the documents to Animafest Experience (in the student personal page).

In order not to get any problems when he arrives the student has to follow these instructions:

• Send all the documents and the school contract to the hotel, including an envelope with the post address of his school written on it, so the hotel can send back the contracts after they signed the papers.

• Make a copy of all the documents, put it in a portfolio and bring it on the day the student arrives. The intern needs to give these documents to the manager (in case one of those documents did not arrive).

• Upload all these documents on our website, using the student personal page.

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