»The new European Erasmus+ highlights the necessity of offering to young people a international experience in order to facilitate their insertion in the labor market.

»Erasmus+ aims at strengthening the employability, as well as at modernizing the education, the training and the work of young people. This program, of seven years duration, will be endowed with a 14.7 billion euro budget.

»Erasmus+ will offer to more than 4 million Europeans citizen the possibility of studying, forming, acquire a work experience or to work as volunteers abroad.

»Erasmus+ will finance transnational partnerships between establishments and education organizations, forming to favour the cooperation and throw a bridge between the education world and that of the work, and fill the current gap of competence in Europe.

»As integrated program, Erasmus+ offers more possibilities of cooperation between the education sectors, the training, the youth and the sport, besides, the conditions of participation and financing were simplified regarded to the previous programs. 

Erasmus Placement

The 21st century is characterised by the globalisation process and open borders. Thus, the European Union has become one of the most frequently chosen destinations for student exchange programmes. Erasmus Placement and Leonardo da Vinci are the most popular European programmes that share a common goal: facilitating student mobility in Europe. Since the foundation of Animafest Experience in 1999, it has been organising student exchanges in collaboration with European programmes created to send students and young people for internships abroad with an objective to gain professional and international experience. Thanks to the support of a wide network of partners in Europe, Animafest Experience possesses ample experience in cooperating with various educational institutions (universities, training centres etc.), being an intermediary in organising international projects. In order to meet the requirements of our European partners, the multicultural team at Animafest Experience offers non-standard and flexible solutions that match the estimated budgets in order to make the international mobility promotion possible. Animafest Experience provides process management and ensures the correct course of various exchange programmes, both on a national and international level, with the participation of schools, universities, training centres, chambers of commerce, local authorities and institutions (public and private) which organise international mobility projects.


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