Get my internship

• In which department can I get my internship?

»Animafest Experience can offer you internships in many departments in the hospitality industry. The placements range from typical hotel fields as kitchen, bar and restaurant, animation, reception to public relations, marketing or assistant manager.


• How do I apply?

»The application process of Animafest Experience is really easy. You just have to sign in to our webpage, by filling the form, and then to contact us by Skype or by phone to get your initial interview to start the selection process. But do not worry, this interview is only to get to know you better and to find out about your idea of internship. It usually takes between one week or two for us to find you a placement in one of our partner hotels.

Carry out my internship

• Where can I carry out my internship?

»Animafest Experience owns hotels in many countries in Europe, located mainly along the coasts of the Mediterranean Sea. We can then offer you positions in Spain, Italy, Greece, Portugal and France as well as Malta, and we are always trying to expand our business network by finding new partners in Europe and all over the world.

Guarantee placement

• Does Animafest Experience guarantee the students to get a placement?

»With our services, every student is guaranteed to find a quality placement, which meets his or her requirements, the earliest possible.

Internship with friends

• Can I do an internship with my friends?

»During our selection process, we will try our best to place you in the same hotel or in the same area as your friends and classmates. But remember that going abroad on an internship with Animafest Experience is one of the best opportunities to meet new people and to make new friends from all over Europe. Moreover, you will never be alone in the hotel as you will be placed there with many other interns coming thanks to our services.



• What languages do I have to speak?

»Do I have to be fluent in English? In Spanish? The mastery of foreign languages is always a plus but it really depends on each position that we can offer. As you will live and work in a foreign country, you will, at least, need to have a satisfying level in English as you will have to address your managers, the hotel customers and your colleagues. It is not compulsory for students applying for specific positions to have knowledge of Spanish language, but it is really appreciated in departments as reception or animation, as you will have to deal more extensively with customers.


• Who can register?

»Animafest Experience’s services are open to every student in Europe, whatever the field of study and their work project. The only requirement is to be a student in order to provide the company a school contract, for legal reasons.

Previous experience

• Do I need previous studies or experience in hospitality to get an internship?

»We believe that students should be given the opportunity to gain practical knowledge and work skills. That is why we don’t necessarily ask for previous experience or knowledge of the hospitality industry, though it is always appreciated by hotel directors.


Another placement

• If anything goes wrong, can Animafest Experience find me another placement?

»In case there is a problem with one of our offer, we guarantee you that we will find you a replacement internship as soon as possible. Thanks to our extensive network of hotels across Europe, and our special relationships with hotel managers, we are confident in getting you a new internship if the first one goes wrong.


• Will I get help to do all the paperwork before my placement?

»Animafest Experience’s teams will help you throughout the process of getting your official papers done before starting your internship. We will provide you with all the information necessary for you to fill in the paper, and you will be able to have some more details anytime in your personal Animafest Experience page.

Some questions

• Who do I have to contact if I have some questions?

»In case you have any question or doubt, you can contact us on Skype or by phone, and they will be glad to give you the appropriate answers to your case.

Languages classes

• Will I get languages classes through Animafest Experience before starting my placement?

»Animafest Experience offers free online Spanish courses for people who want to improve, or simply learn, Spanish before they carry out their internship in the country.

Life abroad


• What expenses do I have to make?

»We believe, at Animafest Experience, that students should not be charged for getting experience. This explains why our services are completely free. The only expenses the students will have to make are the travel expenses to get their tickets to go to their internship abroad.

Hotels provide

• What do the hotels provide the students?

»Animafest Experience is based in a unique programme in which students are accommodated in the hotels themselves, free of charge. They also get free meals in the hotel and they get paid between 200 and 300 Euros per month, depending on the location and the position.

Typical working

• What does a typical working week look like?

»The working week in Spain, and in most European countries, is 40 hours. In the hospitality industry, it is very usual to have the work divided in different shifts, so you might not have the same routine everyday or every week. Students usually get one or two free days a week depending on the organisation of the shifts within the hotel itself. This is a great opportunity to experience working in a thriving and very dynamic industry, in a completely new environment, and to learn many useful skills.


• What if I get homesick?

»Homesickness is a natural feeling that you might experience after living for some time abroad, away from your family and friends. It is completely normal to get homesick. There are many tips on websites to overcome this feeling. First, remember that you can still keep in touch with your relatives through the internet! Moreover, you will meet a lot of new people so do not hesitate to socialise and do new things that you cannot do back home: you will have plenty of good memories to bring back and tell all your friends and families!

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