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»As a spa receptionist, it will be your job to assist customers coming to the spa. You have to make the customer comfortable as soon as they enter the Spa. Therefore greeting, directing them on where to go, answering phone calls and manage the spa's schedule. Besides this you need to manage the customer records, track equipment and supplies and keep other employees informed of customers´ needs .

»Furthermore it is possible that you also sell products of specific brands and lines and of course handle invoices. This might include precise cash systems.


What to do during your free time?

»When you make an internship abroad, far away from your home country, it is a once in a lifetime experience. So to make the best of it, it is really important for you to go out during your free time or getting involved in some club or activities to get to know locals people that can help you to discover local traditions. Also you can travel, go on cultural visits and enjoy the cultural wealth of your region or country. It is very important to enjoy and take advantage of your free time in order to discover new things and to avoid home sickness.


Fluent English

Many of our destinations requires:

  • French-English-Spanish
  • German-English-Spanish
  • Russian-English-Spanish

Open to work in different shifts Morning-Afternoon-Night.


Free accommodation

Free meals

You will receive between 200 and 300 euro per month

Additionally you can receive Erasmus+


3 to 6 months

If you're interested apply

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