Many students from different universities come up with an internship because it is a compulsory part of your studies. However, it is more than just a duty - it is your first step in a career path and it brings you to more opportunities than you think. Indeed, it makes you employment ready and offer a chance to jumpstart your career. There are at least 4 reasons why you as a student should do your internship and think about it like an important chapter in your life.

Every summer, millions of tourists flock to this island in the Mediterranean Sea – the clubbing capital of Europe to get into the best clubs. Visiting Ibiza is one of the biggest dreams of people who know how to party. The Ibiza clubs offer something truly special, and each has their own unique charm.

Amnesia Ibiza

First opened in 1976 under a different name, Amnesia is one of Ibiza’s most historic nightlife venues. Amnesia has received the award for 3 consecutive years of being the best club in the world (Best Global Club). It has a capacity of 5000 people and amazing parties make it almost always is full.

There are plenty of reasons to drink water because it is essential to your health. We all know that human needs to drink sufficient water daily.

1. Water is a source of energy

Water is the most important source of energy in our body. And it´s obvious because 75% of our body is water. The absence of this necessary substance in human body reduces the activity, as a result your productivity at work decrease.

Body language is an essential type of communication in every aspect of our life: it represents your personality, influences your likeability and when properly used, can be your key to greater success. In business environment, it can help you develop positive business relationships, improve productivity, bond with members of your team and present your ideas with more impact.

You don´t know how to spend your summer holidays productive and interesting? Willing to earn money and discover new places? We have a great opportunity for you to realize your dreams. Several destinations in hot and magnificent Spain are waiting for you. We have many positions in the hotels near the coast with sandy beaches and amazing landscapes around you.

There are the most attractive destinations where we can offer internship for you:

Barcelona is one of the most popular and famous fashion cities in Europe. Tourists from all over the world come here to get into the best shopping centers. Seasons for shopping with sales are here in winter and summer. In summer from the mid of June till the end of August you can catch the best sales – 50% and 75%.

The best shopping areas in central Barcelona are Passeig de Gracia and the streets to its southwest, the Barri Gotic streets such as Carrer de la Portaferrissa, Carrer de la Boqueria, and Carrer de Ferran, and around Placa de Sant Josep Oriol. We made out a list of the best shopping places in Barcelona:

Spanish language is the second world´s widely spoken language in the world. It´s an official language in 20 countries and a lot of people learn Spanish as their second language after native.

Not only is Spanish relatively easy to pick up and start speaking, understanding it gives you a huge head-start to understanding other Romance languages like FrenchItalian and Portuguese.

Many international companies all over the world require their employees to speak Spanish. Learning Spanish is not hard, the grammar and vocabulary is simple and it has many common words with English language due to Latin roots.

Before your arrival to Spain, read these 20 funny and useful facts about this country:

  1. The official name of Spain is the “Kingdom of Spain”.
  2. Spain is the second largest country in Western Europe and in the European Union.
  3. 72% of people in Spain speak Spanish. The rest speak Catalan, Galician, Basque and others.
  4. The bull is the national animal of Spain.

Spanish people are very cheerful and adore fiestas (celebretions), siestas (afternoon rest), flamenco and salsa. In Spain the holiday is a lifestyle for everyone. Different events and holidays are held not only in big cities but also in little villages. Due to geographical, climatic and cultural differences in the regions of Spain, every week in any part of country is a holiday.

Must see events:

Did you know that Costa Brava is one of the most historical and richest parts of Spain? Catalonia is like a small country inside the bigger one – Spain. This region has unique atmosphere because of local way of live – Catalans have their own language (they speak both Spanish and Catalan), produce their products and are proud of the culture which is completely separated from the whole Spain.

There are at least 8 reasons to visit Costa Brava - start exploring Catalan region with this list:

14 of February is used to be full of love - it's an occasion to express your feelings to  beloved ones, to let them know how important they are for you. However, it is not only the day to celebrate the love between two people but a good reason to tell the world that you love what you do - hobbies, lifestyle, studies or job. Finding a good internship for each student is a challenge. Haven't you already got an opportunity to show your personality in career field? Animafest is a right place to find your match internship. Apply today

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