Upcoming festivals in Spain, 2018

Spain has many festivals, which we do not want you to miss during your stay! Therefore, we wrote down the first upcoming festivals for you, so you can get to know the Spanish culture!

How to survive your internship

What to do during your internship? Where will you live? What is the best way to make friends? So many questions, we will help you to answer them all! In this blog we will provide you with tips & tricks which you can use during your time abroad.

Spanish People call it Semana Santa - The Holy Week. Easter is one of the most significant and spectacular celebration in Spain, impressive for its outstanding brotherhoods’ processions and extraordinary, old traditions which are different in each region.

Spanish people are known as very passionate, friendly, positive and enthusiastic nation.There are some other things what you might not know about Spaniards what would be interesting and useful to take into consideration while doing the internship in Spain.

School education, university/college degree have become a common practice and there are now many ways to get an education. But is it enough in modern society?

Outbound tourism is increasing every year by 4-5% and Europe is the most visited region in the world. Although going abroad has become more than just a way to relax and go sightseeing. In the job market, the skills and experiences of working in an international environment are currently the ones most desired by the employers. You can have 3 degrees in your home country and still, a company will prefer a person who has experience working/studying abroad and is able to work with people from different cultural backgrounds.

If you are currently living in Spain or just passing by, there are several events that you can´t miss. Some of them are very well-know by foreigners, some others not so much. So we elaborated this article to show you some of the events and activities you can´t miss this year. 

You can see some of them here:

One of the things everyone should expect when they do an internship or any other kind of mobility abroad is the cultural shock. Every single country has its own way of behaving and connecting and sometimes they differ a great deal from each other. If you are working in Spain, you need to be ready for that shock and learn how to overcome it. Your manager is your superior, and the opinion he/she has of you can affect your work experience. Whatever we like it or not, the truth is, your superior will likely help you out more if he/she likes you and has a good relationship with you. For that reason, here are some tips:

As a recruitment company, we deal with hundreds of students every day and we face many challenges that made us realize some things through the years.

Based on our experience and daily contact with schools, students and hotels we decided to elaborate this article in order to tell you the gap that we found between what employers are searching for and what students are able to offer.

There´s still many misconceptions about what is like to work in a 3 and a 5 star hotel. In this article you will get to know more about some of the differences an intern will face while working in this two different types of hotels.

Most students when searching for an internship want to be in a 5-star Hotel, because they think is better, but is it always like this?

Valentine´s day is coming!!!

Last year we suggested you to fall in love with one of our internships (Valentine's Day - right a time to find your match internship). Were you able to find your perfect internship or are you still searching for one?? Don´t worry, we can still provide you with an amazing internship here, in Spain.

Are you still a student and don´t know what to do during the summer break? Or are you just trying to find something to occupy all the free time you will have and earn some change at the same time? Then you´re in the right place!! You can have your first working experience in the area of tourism and hospitality in our hotels.