Tourism students are obliged to have an internship to the related fields that they study. Of course, it makes students to think where to head to gain experience. Animafest Experience platform offers hospitality internship program in whole Spain. This temporary position will give you the chance to investigate and imerge into the West European's way of life and lift your profession in one of the world's best destinations.

You will be able to choose to intern from 3 months up to 6 months in any service position. The hotel will offer you place to stay, meals and a monthly payment for your personal expenses. Our hotels offer what you need. Consequently, you will save most amount of your money that you have got.

–Housing: We will put you in hotels that will give you lodging amid your whole entry level position. You will be living in hotel residences or accommodations with other international students.  

– Payment: We work with lodgings that give assistants a month to month stipend that goes from 250 EUR to 300 EUR every month. This compensation will enable you to cover most of your day by day costs. As it is mentioned above, the hotels provide what students need.Moreover, students can apply for Erasmus+ to obtain scholarship.

– Meals: Meals amid working hours will be given by the hotel in view of your calendar. Typically 2 suppers are the ones included, yet a few lodgings incorporate from 3 to 4 dinners amid the day. It will all rely upon your working hours, the hotel and the position that you have.

– Support: You will be appointed a tutor inside the hotel who will help you to adjust to the hotel procedures and administration models. We will likewise help you to accumulate every vital report for your visa and help you all through your entry level position. Additionally, as we probably aware, college assumes a vital part in this entry level position programs, along these lines, we will speak with your college on the off chance that you have to, to consent to arrangements or assessments some time recently, amid and after your temporary position. This will enable you to get credits and finish your investigations or subjects identified with the internships.

Typical offers available :





Public Relations

Assist.Manager F&B



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