Why should you learn Spanish?

You decided you want to learn a new language, but you can’t decide which one! Besides the obvious reasons why a foreign language brings you benefits, here are some reasons why you should learn Spanish.

When you are young you are still trying to find yourself, figuring out who you are and what you want. It’s time to take advantage of our times!

We are becoming a global society; more and more people travel in search for a better life or a new experience. In every part of the world we can find the most diverse nationalities. The experience you gain from traveling abroad, the people you meet from every part of the world can give you life-long personal benefits as well a step further in the professional world.

Numerous understudies server in the late spring or amid the school year, however they don't understand the important lessons they learn will profit them in their scan for business and in their post-graduate professions. It's extraordinary to stack up your resume with clubs and activities, however low maintenance work like serving gives priceless experience.

Tossa de Mar is located between Lloret de Mar y Sant Feliu Guixols and it is undoubtedly one of the best villages on the Costa Brava. The Carrer del Portal  which is a street full of shops of typical products solely and exclusively for tourists. There are also shops for non-tourists but they are not the ones that abound. The second important street is the promenade along Tossa beach. In addition to these two streets, the town has a small walled city that gives it a special charm. The main attraction of Tossa is its beaches and coves which we can reach in a short drive.

Here is the fundamental blueprint for what to incorporate into a CV: 1. Individual Details: Although this may be clear to numerous, a modest bunch frequently neglect to incorporate their full name, email address, telephone number and address on their CVs. Guarantee that these are obviously displayed at the highest point of your CV, so that forthcoming managers can get in touch with you effectively.

1. La Tomatina

Ever had a craving for tossing a tomato to somebody? At the Tomatina in Buñol you can! This insane convention began 70 years prior, and now on each and every Wednesday of August, a great many individuals toss tomatoes at each other amid the funnest occasion of the year.

1. THERE'S a lot of SUN and Shoreline!

One reason why such a variety of understudies go to Spain is a result of the climate. It is (nearly) constantly sunny the whole year! Notwithstanding that in winter is can get frosty some of the time, the focal point of Spain can likewise achieve a temperature of up to 40°C in summer. No splash tans required! The urban communities on the ocean side are sunny the whole year. Urban areas, for example, Barcelona and Malaga are extremely famous urban areas to consider. Additionally, these urban areas are known for their shorelines. How magnificent is it to go to the shoreline after school?

Many students from different universities come up with an internship because it is a compulsory part of your studies. However, it is more than just a duty - it is your first step in a career path and it brings you to more opportunities than you think. Indeed, it makes you employment ready and offer a chance to jumpstart your career. There are at least 4 reasons why you as a student should do your internship and think about it like an important chapter in your life.

Every summer, millions of tourists flock to this island in the Mediterranean Sea – the clubbing capital of Europe to get into the best clubs. Visiting Ibiza is one of the biggest dreams of people who know how to party. The Ibiza clubs offer something truly special, and each has their own unique charm.

Amnesia Ibiza

First opened in 1976 under a different name, Amnesia is one of Ibiza’s most historic nightlife venues. Amnesia has received the award for 3 consecutive years of being the best club in the world (Best Global Club). It has a capacity of 5000 people and amazing parties make it almost always is full.

There are plenty of reasons to drink water because it is essential to your health. We all know that human needs to drink sufficient water daily.

1. Water is a source of energy

Water is the most important source of energy in our body. And it´s obvious because 75% of our body is water. The absence of this necessary substance in human body reduces the activity, as a result your productivity at work decrease.

Body language is an essential type of communication in every aspect of our life: it represents your personality, influences your likeability and when properly used, can be your key to greater success. In business environment, it can help you develop positive business relationships, improve productivity, bond with members of your team and present your ideas with more impact.

You don´t know how to spend your summer holidays productive and interesting? Willing to earn money and discover new places? We have a great opportunity for you to realize your dreams. Several destinations in hot and magnificent Spain are waiting for you. We have many positions in the hotels near the coast with sandy beaches and amazing landscapes around you.

There are the most attractive destinations where we can offer internship for you:

Barcelona is one of the most popular and famous fashion cities in Europe. Tourists from all over the world come here to get into the best shopping centers. Seasons for shopping with sales are here in winter and summer. In summer from the mid of June till the end of August you can catch the best sales – 50% and 75%.

The best shopping areas in central Barcelona are Passeig de Gracia and the streets to its southwest, the Barri Gotic streets such as Carrer de la Portaferrissa, Carrer de la Boqueria, and Carrer de Ferran, and around Placa de Sant Josep Oriol. We made out a list of the best shopping places in Barcelona:

Spanish language is the second world´s widely spoken language in the world. It´s an official language in 20 countries and a lot of people learn Spanish as their second language after native.

Not only is Spanish relatively easy to pick up and start speaking, understanding it gives you a huge head-start to understanding other Romance languages like FrenchItalian and Portuguese.

Many international companies all over the world require their employees to speak Spanish. Learning Spanish is not hard, the grammar and vocabulary is simple and it has many common words with English language due to Latin roots.

Before your arrival to Spain, read these 20 funny and useful facts about this country:

  1. The official name of Spain is the “Kingdom of Spain”.
  2. Spain is the second largest country in Western Europe and in the European Union.
  3. 72% of people in Spain speak Spanish. The rest speak Catalan, Galician, Basque and others.
  4. The bull is the national animal of Spain.

Spanish people are very cheerful and adore fiestas (celebretions), siestas (afternoon rest), flamenco and salsa. In Spain the holiday is a lifestyle for everyone. Different events and holidays are held not only in big cities but also in little villages. Due to geographical, climatic and cultural differences in the regions of Spain, every week in any part of country is a holiday.

Must see events:

Did you know that Costa Brava is one of the most historical and richest parts of Spain? Catalonia is like a small country inside the bigger one – Spain. This region has unique atmosphere because of local way of live – Catalans have their own language (they speak both Spanish and Catalan), produce their products and are proud of the culture which is completely separated from the whole Spain.

There are at least 8 reasons to visit Costa Brava - start exploring Catalan region with this list:

14 of February is used to be full of love - it's an occasion to express your feelings to  beloved ones, to let them know how important they are for you. However, it is not only the day to celebrate the love between two people but a good reason to tell the world that you love what you do - hobbies, lifestyle, studies or job. Finding a good internship for each student is a challenge. Haven't you already got an opportunity to show your personality in career field? Animafest is a right place to find your match internship. Apply today

Europe is a unique continent where a big variety of different greatest cultures and civilizations with distinct 250 languages meet each other. EU is about the big opportunities and special lifestyle where is an only chance to travel throughout the 28 countries without getting a visa for each destination. 

There are a lot of different nationalities coming from all over the world not only as tourists but also staying as residents and start building their new European life. Why happening so? What are the main features that make people move to Europe? Let´s immerse into some interesting things and details about life in EU and find out why it´s such a popular destination for living.

Spain is a country with amazing bright festivals and carnivals organized throughout the whole year. February is not an exception and there are a lot of things going on during the month. There are 8 best festivals you wouldn't miss a chance to skip.

Festival Cara-B is an underground festival in Barcelona where the creative Spanish artists are coming from all over the country to enjoy the music. The event lasts for 2 days - the 17 and 18 of February. Carnaval de Moros y Cristianos is the one where people come every year to show their desire to party in a very joyful atmosphere. It is organized in Valencia on 8 of February. Carnaval de Badajos in the city of Badajos lasts for 4 days - from 24 till 28 of February and it is the third most important and popular carnival in Spain. Fiesta de la Calendaria de dos Torres in the city of Cordoba is full of different activities and games where is also a huge market with local food. The dates are 3, 4 and 5 of February. La Fiesta Traditional Carnaval del Toro in Salamanca with the very exciting and saturated atmosphere is happening on 24 till 28 of February. Microsonidos in Murcia is a place where people come to enjoy different genres of music, the dates are from the 1st of February till the 8 of April. Carnaval Las Palmas is an exciting event in Las Palmas from 10 of February till 5 of March. Carnaval de Ourense in Ourense (Galicia) is one of the most popular and bright carnivals in Spain which takes dated from 25 of February till the 1st of March.

February is not just a typical winter month but it is a beautiful time in Spain with the rich program of activities and events which are worth to see in your life. 

Spain is one of the most perfect place for your vacation. Spain is great to visit either in winter or in summer, which is the most amazing season in Spain. Tourism in Spain is one of the most value bringing industries, attracting tourist all around the world every year.

Thus, it can be said that the tourism industry in Spain is growing and improving. Being based on World Economic Forum, that yearly publishes different reports for countries competitiveness in different industries, today, by the last report of WEF, Spain is the most competitive country in Tourism Industry.

The Travel & Tourism Competitiveness Report uses a lot of different points in countries and indicators, such as different destinations, travel infrastructure, affordability by prices and competitiveness of them in around country, cultural sightseeing, adaptability for all kind of tourists and other indicators, countries are analysed and ranked at the end.

Spain has improved and is improving their tourism sector as it stays as one of the most important industry for the country having significant percentage of country’s GDP. Thus, Spain with its good geographical location, great weather, sightseeing, and amazing culture, is one of the most attractive places for tourists to come for vacations, and for students to come for experience in tourism industry

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‘More than 74, probably 75 million international travellers have come to Spain’ in 2016, Taleb Rifai, told a news conference. Conferring to this information will be interesting to get experience in Spain in your learning area "Tourism and Hospitality".

What do you know about Spanish food? Many people will have tried gazpacho or paella, or sampled tapas, serrano ham or Spanish olive oil. These have made their way well beyond Spain’s border. But there’s a lot more to Spanish food. Perhaps no European country can claim to have such a rich and varied cuisine as Spain, and yet until recently it ranked low on any list of gourmet food destinations.

   For decades Spain occupies a prominently position among other countries regarding international tourism: world third place in receiving tourists international, according to data from the World Trade Organization Tourism.

The contribution of tourism to GDP is estimated at around 11%, according to the data Studies Institute Travel. This importance of tourism in the Spanish economy alone justifies the need to have specific studies on this subject. This need is accentuated even in the Canaries.

Do you want to know where to find the best nightclubs and bars on each island?

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