Duration: 3 to 6 Months

Having international work experience is becoming increasingly important in the working world. With our focus on professional development - inside and outside the work environment

Are you motivated and do you like communicating with people? Then Public Relations is the practice for you!

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- an internship with Animafest Experience will definitely give you the upper hand when looking for jobs or when applying to graduate school.

Imagine expanding your professional and personal goals by working in an international company in Barcelona, all while improving your Spanish, experiencing the culture of a new country and boosting your resume.

Ways to take advantage of free time:

When you do internships abroad, far from your home, it is very important to enjoy your free time (going out to dinner, going to bars, ...), so you can enjoy your stay there. You can do different activities and get to know local people, which helps you to know the traditions of the place; You also have the opportunity to travel, visit monuments and know the cultural richness of the country or region in which you find yourself. It is very important to enjoy free time and discover the unknown, to avoid homesickness.

The demand:

The ability to communicate fluently in English and Spanish.

Many of our destinations ask:





The possibility of rotation of shifts (morning, afternoon and night)

The benefits:

Accommodation - free

3 meals a day - free

Salary of 200 to 300 euros per month

In addition the Erasmus scholarship (in the case of receiving it) 

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How to get the internship ?