The best destinations in Spain

Spain is a touristic country with an excellent infrastructure in the service sector, known for its culture and gastronomy, it is one of the most visited countries in the world. Thirteen Spanish cities have the title of World Heritage Cities by UNESCO, making Spain the country with the most cities awarded with this distinction. We offer internships in the best hotels in Spain in the most touristic places.

Not only will you gain professional experience, but you will also have an adventure and meet many international people.

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We have offers in many hotels all over Spain, all of which are paid and offer free accommodation and free meals.

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Are you interested in doing an internship in Kitchen?

Having a great professional experience is the final step you need to enter the professional world.

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What are the tasks?

  • Know the gastronomic offer of the company and the different items of the kitchen.
  • Participate in the planning and organization of the production phases.
  • Raw handling: fresh, frozen, salty, large pieces, etc. Correct use of basic techniques (cleaning, viscera removal, cutting, cutting, rationing and others)
  • Use of different culinary techniques. Pre-elaboration and conservation of foods taking into account sanitary hygienic regulations, occupational safety and environmental protection.
  • Decoration and distribution tasks.
  • Participation in the preparation of menus and speeches. Assistance in the preparation of starters, fish, meat and desserts. Cleaning and cleaning the workplace.
  • Know the administrative circuit: invoices, delivery notes, file, documentation, etc.
  • Execution of inventories, contact with suppliers, execution and review of orders, contracting specialized services, etc. • Reception, handling, storage and quality control of food and merchandise.
  • Application of hygienic regulations - health, occupational safety and environmental protection.

You will experience an international environment that will help you in the future.


Study Gastronomy


Free Accommodation

Free Meals (3 a day)

Paid Internship (200 to 300 euros a month)

And Erasmus + Scholarship if you receive it.