The best destinations in Spain

Spain is a touristic country with an excellent infrastructure in the service sector, known for its culture and gastronomy, it is one of the most visited countries in the world. Thirteen Spanish cities have the title of World Heritage Cities by UNESCO, making Spain the country with the most cities awarded with this distinction. We offer internships in the best hotels in Spain in the most touristic places.

Not only will you gain professional experience, but you will also have an adventure and meet many international people.

It's time to make some memories!


Languages in Reception

The knowledge of languages is extremely important when it comes to internships in reception.

The main language used in this internship is English, as it’s one of the most spoken languages. However, it is not the only needed in the Hospitality industry. As you are doing your internship in Spain, speaking Spanish is a must, most of the Hotels ask for fluent Spanish or close to fluent knowledge.

Yet, don’t despair! As always there is a way around it.

Spain has many tourists from all over the world, because of this, other languages are very important, the languages that in some cases can replace Spanish are: German, Dutch, French.

Of course, that we cannot speak for every one of our Hotels, the demand changes according to the season and the current search, but one thing is certain for Reception you need the knowledge of languages used by the majority of tourist in the Hotel.

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Professional experience is important when it comes to your growth as a professional and as an individual, and an internship is a step in the right direction.

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What are the tasks?

  • Give information to clients;
  • Control de check in and the check out in the Hotel;
  • Control the state of the Hotel entrance and rooms;
  • Manage the reservations;
  • Manage services requested by the client either by phone, email or fax.
  • Change currency and sell excursions
  • Translate documents and prepare tourist guides;
  • Maintain a balance of the box for each change of shift, as well as collect those boxes that are closed at the reception;
  • Communicate with costumers, representing the image of the Hotel.

Not only you will improve your languages skills, you will also have significant experiences that will help you in your future!


Speaking foreign languages: English, Spanish, French, German, Russian, Polish, etc


Free Accommodation

Free Meals

Paid internship (200 to 300 euros a month)

And Erasmus + Scholarship if you receive it